Demokleos project has finished in 2018


The 3-year Erasmus+ project Demokleos has finished in August 2018. As a final training event, LFI ry in Finland organized a training for teachers and students from the partner countries in August, with the topic of hate speech as well as organizing visits with three high schools and two organisations for disseminating information about Demokleos project, as well as exchanging ideas and insights with students, teachers and staff. Also some cultural visits were organized.

The training seminar gave rise to a lot of discussion on the project topics among both the teachers’ and the students’ group, and the students discussed and conducted research into hate speech regarding gender as well as hate speech online. The visits to schools were a great opportunity for students to hear the views of other students from different countries and compare the differences of living as a young person in Finnish, Greek, Turkish or Portuguese society. Also the teachers found the school visits and the work of the political and women’s organistion we visited very interesting and appropriate to the theme of democratic citizenship.

The project material has been finalised and can be found on the Demokleos platform at, with an abundance of educational material including both theoretical material and activities and exercises related to the project theme.