Marja-Liisa Helenius, Chairperson

Marja-Liisa Helenius,


Marja-Liisa Helenius, Secretary

I received my Master’s Degree at the University of Helsinki in 2006. My major was English Philology, where I focused on English literature, specifically on ethnic minorities who write in English. I have minors in French Philology and Communication, and I also completed Subject Teacher studies in English and French. Since 2006, I have been working mainly as a translator, and I have several years of English teaching experience in adult education. I worked as a part-time project secretary at HERA International/University of Helsinki for four years, and since 2009 I have worked mainly on translations and language projects for Learnwell Oy. I speak Finnish, English, German and French.

I have always been interested in languages and cultures, which is why minority and migrant literature is one of my greatest interests. I have also always enjoyed writing, translating and learning new languages – as well as teaching the ones I know. I have lived abroad for a few years in the UK, Germany and the United States, and I know how difficult it is to adapt to a whole new culture – especially when you don’t know the language very well, which was my experience in Germany. Through Learning for Integration, I hope we can help others with the challenge of learning the local languages, as well as and finding a balance between remembering their own culture and learning to live in their new home country.

Within Learning for integration ry I coordinate the Language Café, or Café Lingua, an international and intercultural language exchange event.