Learning for Integration develops eLearning and mLearning solutions targeted to assist especially young people in practicing languages – especially Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Norwegian and Danish – in a fun way. The mobile applications are developed in co-operation with Learnmera Projects. Some examples of previous games are Health Lingo. We hope to develop more mobile applications for different areas of language learning through acquiring funding. The applications will be free to download.

We also aim to develop eLearning material and platforms for language learning for free use, for the purpose of enabling immigrants of various backgrounds to enhance their language skills in a free and easy way. One of our interests is developing eLearning solutions that could be used for free all over the world, especially in developing countries and poor areas, where the quality of school education is low and opportunities for further studies are sparse.

We are looking for funding and partners for both eLearning and mLearning projects, so if you are interested in cooperation, please contact us!