Presentation and Teamwork Skills for NGOs


Through its cooperation partner The Lingua Tailor, Learning for Integration offers courses in teamwork and presentation skills in English for other NGOs.

Teaching Teamwork / Presentation Skills for NGOs

Influencing Audiences in English
Topics covered: mind mapping, structure and signposting
This course aims to develop presentation skills and empower the presenter to influence his/her audience through clear, relevant and informative presentations. The course covers presentation planning, structure and key phrases to hold the audience's attention and keep them on track.

Working Together in English
Topics covered: Small talk, giving and asking for opinions, and staying on topic
This course aims to develop communication between people, creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and collaborate. The course covers small talk, and giving and asking for opinions, as well as expressions and strategies to stay on topic.

Working Together Around the World
Topics covered: Small talk, meeting phrases and teleconferencing
This course aims to support teleconferencing communication in English, allowing non face-to-face discussions to run more smoothly, particularly for international project development. The course covers small talk and meeting phrases specifically for teleconferencing, as well as discussing and troubleshooting various teleconferencing situations.

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