Project Reference: 2020-1-TR01-KA202-093848

Commigration project is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project to improve public officers' vocational skills and strengthen communication between them and immigrants. We think that the sensitivity and stereotypes of immigrants living in a foreign country are effective in describing the attitudes and behaviors faced by immigrants. On the other hand, for employees, the non-use of intercultural communication factors and the low awareness of “being foreign” psychology are effective in their adverse interactions with immigrants.

In order to minimize these adverse effects, there is a need for the employees to be developed in topics such as intercultural communication, alternative communication channels, specific immigrant behavior, crisis management, reducing bias, and changing negative attitudes.

With the COMMIGRATION Project, the followings are aimed at:
- Establishing a global strategy for communication with immigrants,
- To contribute positively to the social adaptation processes of immigrants by increasing the share of intercultural communication factors in communication between immigrants and employees,
- Providing employees the opportunity to experience the concept of “being a foreigner,”
- Establishing a specific, operational, and innovative training model for employees,
- Increasing the institutional capacity by training of the trainers who dominate the terminology and improving the competencies of the employees to gain the ability for evaluating previous knowledge and skills, and using innovative solutions,
- Long-term effects, sustainable cooperation, and experience sharing with participating institutions,
- Improving the quality of the services provided to immigrants,
The results of the project will have not only local but also regional, national, and international impacts and effectiveness in terms of the needs and nature of the issue.

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