Nordic-Baltic Cafe Lingua (2015-2017)

Nordic-Baltic Cafe Lingua (NBCL), Project No. NPAD-2015/10276, is a Nordplus Adult project for advancing informal adult language education through language cafes. The project countries are Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. During the project, a website with downloadable language material in the partner languages and English will be set up, and language cafes launched in the partner countries according to the Finnish model, Cafe Lingua in Helsinki, which has been running many years and is now the largest language meeting for both Finns and foreigners in the Helsinki area, with 80-100 participants each week. 

Language cafes are a perfect way for adults to practice their language skills and to become more confident in using them. The purpose of the project is to support adult learners’ informal practice and learning of the project languages, especially those who need spoken language skills for their work, or who are learning the language to integrate into a new home country.