Teaching material packages

  • The "Food Material Package and TICs" includes a set of teaching ideas accompanied by sample materials, on how to incorporate technology, information and communication (TICs) in your language lessons, around the food theme. The material was created within the Segundas Lenguas y Nuevas Tecnologías (SLNT) international project, involving partners from Spain, Italy, Romania, Latvia and Finland. More information: http://www.babeltic.eu

  • This is an ideas book for teachers using flashcards in the classroom. You will find here examples of how to use flashcards in teaching foreign languages and many other subjects. To find more out more about using flashcards in the classroom, join one of our workshops for teachers.

  • The Swedish version of " Fun with flashcards in the classroom". 150+ ideas on how to use flashcards. Includes exapmple cards Kortkul och ordskatter har över 150 olika ideer om hur du kan använda flashkort i klassrummet. Gör dina kort själv och gratis med verktyget på www.thelanguagemenu.com

  • Enjoy Language work sheets in English full version Flashcards, word clouds, articles, crosswords, matching, vocabulary, discussions, professions and their tasks within the tourism industry and much more. Created for teachers and students within the tourism industry. Project number: LLP-Ldv/TOI/SE/11/1383 - 2011-1-SE1-LEO05-08376. More information: www.enjoy-language.se

  • Enjoy Language glossaries on activity tourism, cultural tourism, leisure tourism and agrotourim in English, Swedish, Finnish, German, Bulgarian and GreekProject number: LLP-Ldv/TOI/SE/11/1383 - 2011-1-SE1-LEO05-08376