Digital Evolution - The Journey - DIVO

The project DIVO Digital Evolution - The Journey aims to develop and support the basic digital capacity and capability of lowskilled adults in the digital sense of our project by developing an augmented reality game. It is to present learning environments with an innovative approach to those adult individuals who have low-skills. Via these learning environments, low-skilled adult learners, who are our target group, will have the chance to be educated digitally then to educate themselves. The game will initiate on the table in the form of tactile content and will carry on in digital environment. Game-based learning will take the attention of the final target audience and will decrease their tendency to surrender. Via this game / simulation, the disadvantaged people will be given a very smooth transition when slide in to digital environment and thus side effects which may rise will be prevented. With this game, the dialogue between youth and adults will be boosted, and then social inclusion will come out. With our “DIVO” project, Digital Migrants will be transformed into Digital Hybrids by providing the basic digital competencies of adults.

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