Partners: Learning for Integration ry - Finland, Rogaland Skole og bedriftsutvikling (RSBDF) - Norway, INBAK Berlin Institute for Sustainability in Education -Germany, Development of technical/vocational education and training (detvet) association - Turkey, Tradium -Denmark, Centre for lifelong learning Keflavik (MSS) -Iceland

Negative is an EU GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnership project on the psychological health of young people with particular emphasis on negative body image, running from September 2013 to December 2015.

The mental health of young people is a major cause of concern in Europe (OEDC 2010). The NEGATIVE partnership intends to explore the relationship between psychological problems & negative body image and completion rates in adolescents education. The concrete objectives of this project are:

1. To connect the world leading researchers in the field of negative body image/psychological problems of adolescents directly with the European adult education institutions who deal with the students on a day to day basis to enhance their competence and share good practice.

2. To enhance school leader's competence of how to deal with these adults and how to plan for integrating these successfully into ordinary classes and avoid drop out

3. To develop a common strategy on how to enhance completion rates in our regions, by being more capable of understanding adults with psychological problems and negative body image and how to meet them and facilitate their education.

Is there a relationship between health and dropout rates that could create future policies and institutional focus, addressing education completion rates in partner areas?

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