Integration through prior knowledge (IntegPri)

Integration through prior knowledge is an Erasmus+ small scale project lead by LFI, and partners “Educom+”, a teachers’ association from Greece, and Geinnova from Spain. The project focuses on strengthening teachers’ skills with regard to how they can assess their refugee/migrant students’ prior knowledge and then design learning activities which meet their needs and encourage their participation in the learning process.

The main project result, which will be available on the project website, is The ABC of Recognition of Prior Knowledge (RPL) - A handbook for teachers and trainers. The Handbook will outline the methodology and pedagogy for RPL and inclusive education, stressing the interrelation between them. It will also include good practices and study cases of similar practices from other countries that help new ideas and practices develop in continuity of them. This handbook will not only be addressed to teachers teaching school age students but it will also address teachers who teach in evening or vocational schools where adults attend. It will also be useful to educators in non-formal educational settings (education centers run by municipalities or NGOs etc.)

Project website: