Language games for teens

  • Use words from the cloud and ask the learners to come up with other words associated with them. Write the words on the board and ask a first learner to start telling a story using the words from the board. Let the student sitting next to him continue the story and then the other students, until all the words from the board have been used. Or you can ask the learners to make up and write down sentences using as many words from the word cloud in a single sentence. It could be a “funny” sentence that makes no sense or it could be a “real sentence”. You can also ask the learners to Google one of the words and write a short summary of what the first hit is about. Ask learners to draw their own shoe to describe herself/himself, and then present it to the class.

  • Mix up the cards and place them face down. Let each participant pick a temporary social identity. Give the participants a few minutes to think about their new identities and to ask questions if necessary. Choose an activity leader who will read out the statements below to the rest of the group. If the participant can answer the question with a simple ‘yes’, then they are allowed to take a step forward. Those who answer with a ‘no’ or a ‘maybe’ must remain standing where they are. Take a step forward if you think it is easy for you to (read the list of statements). When all the statements have been read out look at the position of the players. Why are some people so many steps behind? Game idea from: