Language games for kids

  • TheLanguageMenu is a website for teachers, featuring 17 online tools for material creation and a large hand-drawn clip-art. Create your own flashcards or domino games.

  • Tagxedo is an online word cloud generator, that allows teachers to constrain letters, word lists or texts into selected shapes (heart, star, animals, etc.) Teach ABC or Find-the-Word games.

  • This is an oral storytelling activity that helps children develop their language and creative-thinking skills. Read a story starter to the children and ask them to continue the story.

  • A series of cards with questions educators can use to get kids talking about themselves. Laminate the cards to make them more durable. Can be kept in a Mystery Jar or Box.

  • Tell your version of a known fairytale showing the pictures flashcards as you go. Ask the kids to retell the story to you with the help of the flashcards, or make their own story.

  • Boardgame with Pirates for teachers and parents. Print the two pages on blue paper and glue them together on an A3 cardboard. Use a dice and some figurines to be your pieces on the boardgame, a message for the pirates and a treasure with surprises at the end.

  • Cântecele în română - Songs in Romanian. The flashcards with songs are placed in a small bag. One kid is asked to draw one card from the bag. Ask the kids what is the song about, talk about the pictures on the card, then sing the song together.

  • Ghicitori despre animale - Riddles abour animals in Romanian. The flashcards with the riddles are placed in a small bag. One kid is asked to draw one card from the bag, without showing the picture to the rest of the group. Read the riddle and let the group guess which animal the riddle is about. If kids do not guess the animal, ask your assistant to give kids more clues. How many legs does the animal have, does it fly/swim, what sound does it make...