Intercultural Training for Educators of Adult Migrants - InterTrainE

Intercultural Training for Educators of Adult Migrants - InterTrainE (project no: 2018-1-UK01-KA204-047987) is an Erasmus+ project which aims to train educators and teachers to have a deep understanding of basic concepts of culture and intercultural communication, as well as the historic and contemporary international context. This would enable them to develop an inclusive curriculum and integrate intercultural citizenship education so that they can foster interculturalism and avoid archaic educational practices that cultivate monoculture, othering and stigmatisation. To achieve this, as well as the wider challenge of migrants’ cultural integration, this project will design a programme for adult educators working with migrants. This includes:

a) investigating the status quo regarding migrant integration policies, existing programmes and training structures on intercultural training for migrants and educators in partner countries;

b) comparing and analysing the results of this investigation to develop a needs analysis for intercultural education of trainers;

c) developing an internationally competitive modularised training curriculum with qualification standards specialised for Adult Education (EQF Level 5);

d) producing a handbook for trainers, which will include learning outcomes, a theoretical framework of basic concepts and the training package itself which will include practical exercises and, where possible, case studies.

The results of the projects as well as the InterTrainE training platform are available on the project website: