Rural Youth Parliament project press release


We are sad to announce that Rural Youth Parliament, an Erasmus+ youth project, finished in February 2024! The project focused on  empowering rural youth and fostering transnational cooperation.

The main results of the project were:

Guide on Best Practices for Transnational Cooperation for Rural Youth Engagement: Our team has diligently curated a comprehensive guide highlighting the best practices for transnational cooperation in engaging rural youth. This resource encapsulates valuable insights, strategies, and success stories from various rural communities across borders. It serves as a roadmap for organizations and stakeholders keen on enhancing rural youth participation and collaboration on an international scale.

Methodology for Organizing Rural Youth Parliaments: As advocates for active engagement and inclusivity, we've developed a robust methodology for organizing Rural Youth Parliaments. These parliaments serve as dynamic platforms for young people in disadvantaged communities to voice their opinions, initiate change, and shape their futures. Our methodology provides step-by-step instructions, adaptable frameworks, and practical tips to ensure the successful implementation of youth parliaments, tailored to the specific needs and challenges of rural areas.

Both the Guide on Best Practices and the Methodology for Rural Youth Parliaments are available for download on our project website. Visit to grab your copies today!

Read more about the project in the last press release attached!