Funding from the The Ministry of Education and Culture, for "Zmeişorii" playgroup


The aim of the playgroups is to bring together children from the same culture to help them strengthen their mother tongue and to build a strong foundation for the learning of a second language (Finnish), through stimulating activities, such as playing games, singing, reading stories, drawing, painting and crafting.

The “Zmeişorii” playgroup brings together preschool children, coming from monolingual or bilingual families in Finland, in order to help them enrich their vocabulary in the Romanian language and their knowledge about Romanian culture and traditions, through stimulating activities such as games, songs, fairy-tales, drama games, crafts, painting or drawing. 

The motivation behind these activities is to help children build a positive concept of ethnic identity by making them feel proud of their mother tongue and heritage, to encourge strong family and cultural connections with the country of origin and to build a strong foundation for the learning of a second language.

The activities in autumn 2014 - spring 2015 are supported by Opetus-ja Kulttuuriministeriö (The Ministry of Education and Culture). Visit the playgroup's webpage to read more about the activities in 2014 - 2015:

Do you have what it takes to be a tutor in a playgroup? Contact us if you are interested in organizing a playgroup in your own mother tongue. We would like to share our experience and material for the benefit of immigrant children or children living in a bilingual family: