Your membership is essential to develop new initiatives and to accomplish the Learning for integration aims. The annual LFI membership is entered per calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st). The membership fee for 2013 is of 20 € /person/year and of 35 € /family/year (2 adults and children). The payment can be made to the account FI97 5723 0220 3051 50. Please remember to use the reference number 1180. Here is a short description of our activity in 2012 and our plans for 2013


What happened in 2012?

Playgroups for Kids - in 2012 we have started the first pilot project for kids -a mother tongue language playgroup in Romanian. The meetings were documented in a guide that is available as a resource for other NGOs in Finland and abroad.

The material that we have created for the playgroup is available online in our Material Bank.

Café Lingua has continued the meetings with 50-70 participants each week in Café Mascot (Neljäs linja 2) in Kallio, Helsinki, every Monday from 7 pm onwards. More on the event: http://www.lfi.fi/projects/language-cafe/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/147968218893/

In autumn 2012 we have organized a "Tools for teachers" workshop for the Global. Me project, where we gave young teachers different ideas on how to run flashcard, role-play and debate activities in the classroom.

Activate your Language - Finnish Language Café for immigrant parents initiative has organized Finnish language learning groups in parallel with the mother tongue playgroups, with the aim to help parents activate their passive language skills acquired while living in Finland, thus preventing their social exclusion.


What comes next in 2013?

The first Whodunnit Mystery Game Group in English will start in January 2013, in cooperation with The Lingua Tailor and Kallio Library.

We will organize Reading Circles in several languages in February, to celebrate the International Mother Language Day 2013. More information to follow.

In 2013 we aim to create language awareness through activities such as:

Support your Kid’s Learning initiative which aims to run a series of awareness campaigns aimed at parents and kindergartens and to create a set of resources on how parents can get involved and support their child’s learning of the second language outside kindergarten and school.

Say It Right! Groups - We will start pronounciation groups in Finnish to help foreigners with the correct pronunciation of Finnish.

Playgroups for Kids – we will continue with the current playgroups as well as organizing playgroups in other languages

Teen Language Groups - we aim to establish groups for teenagers to help them improve their language skills in an interactive way by playing games and engaging in fun activities, such as drama courses or crafts (beading).

Follow our website and online calendar for more events!